I am a post-doctoral research associate at the Quantitative Fisheries Center, Michigan State University. My background is diverse and includes; fisheries management, ecology, water quality, environmental statistics, ecological modeling, and computer programming. I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses in biology, introductory statistics, and ecological modeling. I am involved in a variety of research projects studying freshwater fishes to evaluate biotic and abiotic variables influencing these organisms at the population and community level. I am particularly interested in applying Bayesian inference to models describing these relationships. Although I typically study fish population and community dynamics from field or laboratory research, I have collaborated on projects studying a variety of other taxa (e.g., ungulates, primates, warblers, bats, spiders, and algae) and environmental contaminants (e.g., environmental pharmaceuticals and personal care products and pesticides) which are not discussed here. My current projects include a length structured integrated stock assessment model of prey fish in Lake Huron; age, growth, and condition of Alewife Alosa pseudoharengus and Rainbow Smelt Osmerus mordax in Lake Huron; and spatial distribution of Drapetisca alteranda, a tree truck specialist sheet web spider;